Design Work

Print Goods: Apparel, stickers, etc. This is my "design scratch pad"—a way to put up a designs, test out the market, and make a few sales. Not everything here is killer work, but it's practice and fun—and I think a few things have turned out pretty well. Take a look. Most prints available for purchase on something (click "PRINT SHOP").

Broader portfolio of design work coming. sometime.

I am also hoping for a dribbble invite. hit me up!

Most of my work for print is up on right now (the "Print Shop" button leads to my storefront there), but I'm floating a few things onto Society6 to test those waters as well.

More design things will go here when they're good and ready. Or bad and unprepared. But they will go here.

If you have ideas you'd like to see me work on, or would like to hire me for something specific, hit me up.

tiny portfolio:

Click an image below to see a tiny bit of some other design: