Other Stuff (there's always more)


I have a few close friends that I'm always trying to build something new with. This part of SHOWOFF is here so I don't forget to share out about even the crazy stuff. Here are a few ideas on the scratchpad right now. Their progress will/may show up here sporadically if and when any of them get off the ground (is that enough qualifiers?):

  • Subscription box service(s) (I know the market is saturated—but we have some cool ideas...)
  • Books and curriculum for young music learners (We have a lot of prep work done, and a tiny blip of content out there. And, actually, I hope this will show up the the WRITING tab sooner rather than later. Stay tuned...)
  • Consulting and design services (we have a little something up on Facebook at least)
  • Small batch coffee roasting (although I know some folks who do small-batch, fire-roasted coffee locally. It's great, and I love the forestry/wood fire story).
  • SHOWOFF Connect events with live music, food, art, and great people (we actually hosted one of these in 2014, and it rocked...but then life got crazy. Here's to resurrection).
  • ...etc.