Building a School, building Tomorrow.

I've been in education since 2009—first as an English Literature teacher and soon expanding to Creative Writing and Digital Media. Fast-forward a bunch of steps in a few years, and I'm helping to build what my colleagues and I believe is the most innovative—and unproven—schools in the southeast: NEXT High School in Greenville, SC (and, as of August 2016, NEXT School Eagle Ridge in Salem, SC).

But this area of SHOWOFF is not just a placeholder for NEXT High School. My vision for continuing to work in education includes what I hope will be many forking paths that I want to work on here, including:

These education projects are some of the most important things I will be involved with. I'm excited to show them off as I go.

  • Research and writing
  • Participation in a national community of best practice around learner-centered education
  • Bringing value to private, charter, and public schools as well as to learners outside the traditional context of "school"
  • Building solutions that reach into higher education (after all—I have kids of my own. Why wouldn't I be a part of building the future ed landscape for and with them?)