On the Side

I’ve been putting design work up on a few sites for a little while. It’s not big money, but it lets me create, push out, and experiment with the market. There’s no risk or cost (other than my time—more on that later) and I make a few bucks. You can check out my Redbubble portfolio if you want (I will have links under my Design tab, too, once I get rolling).

Redbubble summarizes my sales, and it’s interesting to see which designs get the most traction (see screenshot).

Now, this snapshot is just most recent sales—for a while, my “Hillary” shirt was winning (a quick, opportunistic design put up on the night of the election); then it was one of the coffee designs (originally designed for my wife); and now it’s “Fantastic Beets” (an Office/Rowling mashup). So far, politics and pop culture are good for business; my corny jokes? Not so much.

Note: I’m also showing in the screenshot above just how much “a few bucks” means here—it really is just a few. I’ve had work up on Redbubble since around September, 2016. And while the income is totally passive once it’s set up, I have way more designs up than have ever made a sale.

I value doing it, though, because it’s doing something. I can practice and experiment and get better and have fun—and that time spent is worth more than just the income (for now). In the long-run, I’m fine with some failure and learning curves (that’s what SHOWOFF is about)—but my goal is to trend toward increasing value and impact—and that means finding what works to strike a balance between personal fulfillment, growth, significance, and yeah, income (there’s surely more to unpack in that balance for later).

So, today I decided to look at and set up a Society6 storefront. Not much work there yet (just one simple logo/brand piece at time of writing)—but it’s fully SHOWOFF branded, and it will give me another market to experiment with (again, I’ll have my store links up on the Design tab).

Here’s to work on the side.